A good translation is a key to success: your marketing language reflects the quality of your business. Therefore, throughout the work we do for each client, proper glossaries and reference materials are used to assure consistent terminology. The entire translation process is aided by industry-leading CAT tools (like Trados, SDLX, Idiom WorldServer and Alchemy Catalyst), which helps in maintaining the style and consistency of your documents.

We can help you translating user manuals, quick guides, product profiles, specifications, data sheets, websites, marketing materials, catalogues and brochures. Our special fields include IT, computers, hardware, software, internet, networking, security, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Our translation service can help you to achieve a fluency and accuracy that is appropriate for the Hungarian market. Please contact us for further information and a free quotation, or visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.


Localisation means adapting technology-related materials to operate in a foreign marketplace without compromising its functionality or effectiveness. These days, there is a growing trend for culturally and linguistically localised web content, and the most popular sites proudly provide customised information for visitors from different nationalities.

However, the localisation process goes much deeper than straight translation, and involves meeting both technical and linguistic challenges (e.g. you should localise the user interface, numbers and other strings as well, while taking such things into consideration as appropriateness of graphics, cultural nuances and even locally preferred color schemes).

Do you want to have highly specialised content for your Hungarian and Eastern European customers? Our services and solutions include the localisation of websites, applications, online help files, software manuals in electronic or printed formats (quick guides, user manuals, license agreements, help files or any other related documents).

Quality Assurance (QA)

As part of the editing process, we will review the translated file thoroughly, and compare it to its original counterpart. The documents will be checked for accuracy, completeness and correct language usage in terms of grammar, style and idioms.

  • We accept projects only within our working field and specialisation area (IT, Computers, Hardware & Software, Internet, Marketing)
  • We accept projects only if they can be completed in full quality for the deadline given
  • We translate exclusively into our native language, which is Hungarian
  • We always use CAT tools (Trados Workbench, TagEditor, Idiom WorldServer, SDLX, Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo) for consistency, efficiency and quicker turnaround
  • We apply proper terminology, glossary, reference materials and style specified by the client and the target audience

All translated materials are proofread, and it comes as part of our standard translation process for high quality and professional results. Proofreading and editing services focus on the formatting and layout as well. Our objective is to provide the highest quality as possible.

Terminology Management

A glossary includes all the words that are product and project specific. It is an important tool for professional translators, because it saves time, money, and increase the consistency of your multinational brands and global communications.

Taking into account existing company-specific terminology, we create unique glossaries, and then constantly populate and update them during all future projects. Any client suggestions for translating certain terms will be immediately incorporated into these glossaries and used for future translations.


The following factors affect the price you pay for our services:

  • Volume or wordcount in the source document (in case of translation)
  • Special field
  • Delivery deadline
  • Format of the source and target document (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .htm)
  • Complexity and level of special knowledge required

Prices are quoted in EUR per words in the source document. Each project is examined and priced individually based on the content and your requirements.

Additional fees may apply for rush or weekend work, handwritten or fax documents and other special requirements. We can offer a discount on large projects, provided the deadline is not too tight. The minimum charge is 25 Euro.