The list below has been selected on our personal experience, so it does not aim to be either exhaustive or objective. However, we hope it might prove useful both for our clients and fellow translators.

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1. IT resources

1.1 General technical glossaries »
1.2 Hardware & software »
1.3 Acronyms »
1.4 Internet & telecom »
1.5 Computer glossaries »
1.6 IT security glossaries »
1.7 Other »
1.8 IT magazines »
1.9 CAT tools »

2. General resources

2.1 Dictionaries and references »
2.2 Magazines and newspapers »
2.3 Guidelines and tips for beginners »
2.4 Link collections »
2.5 Mailing lists »
2.6 Translator communities »
2.7 Online payment »
2.8 Information on Hungary »

1. IT resources

You can find several Information Technology (IT) resources here, such as glossaries (technical, hardware & software, acronyms, internet & telecom, computer, IT security etc.), IT magazines and CAT tools.

1.1 General technical glossaries

You can find several general technical glossaries here.

1.2 Hardware & software

You can find several hardware & software glossaries here.

1.3 Acronyms

You can find several acronyms glossaries here.

1.4 Internet & telecom

You can find several internet & telecom glossaries here.

1.5 Computer glossaries

You can find several computer glossaries here.

1.6 IT security

You can find several IT security glossaries here.

1.7 Other

You can find several other technical glossaries here.

1.8 IT magazines

You can find several IT magazines here.

1.9 CAT tools

You can find several CAT tools here.

2. General resources

You can find several general resources here, such as dictionaries, magazines, tips for beginners, link collections, mailing lists for translators, translators' communities, and useful information about Hungary.

2.1 Dictionaries and references

You can find several dictionaries and references here.

2.2 Magazines and newspapers

You can find several magazines and newspapers here.

2.3 Guidelines and tips for beginners

You can find several guidelines and tips for beginners here.

2.4 Link collections

You can find several link collections here.

2.5 Mailing lists

You can find several mailing lists here.

2.6 Translator communities

You can find several translator communities here.

2.7 Online payment

You can find several payment-related sites here.

2.8 Information on Hungary

You can find more information on Hungary here.

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